Cycle 1, Activity 1: Player Experience Goals

From observation and analysis to a list of many existing Shoot `Em Up type of mini-games, it can be said that most of them apply a strong intense gameplay experience and competitive scoring system. The studio aims to create a different experience to players, the one that gives challenges for great engagement, whilst minimizes the intensity and competitive aspects. Therefore, the studio initially came with some design ideas of player experience goals that are low-intensity and noncompetitive, which are creating a mini-game that is emphasizing exploration on the big map, bringing the feel of fun and peace, and demanding entertaining aspects through many destructive events.

To wrap them up altogether, the PX Goal for our game concept is:

“Players will feel a sense of relaxing and entertainment instead of competitiveness.”


The studio aims to create challenges to allow satisfaction and enjoyment, while trying to keep the intensity and competitive aspects minimum. A good satisfaction and enjoyment will engage players to the game, and it can be attained if the games are entertaining. In another hand, noncompetitive and low-intensity games is facing the same direction as relaxing games. Therefore, the Studio would prefer to focus on developing the mini-game that aims for relaxing and entertaining player experiences.

In addition, a list of types of player experiences the Studio is tapping into is stated below:

Emotional  attributes that includes joy and anticipation with a little mixture of physical challenges related to cognitive agility.

The studio believes that joy, anticipation, and agility are the important aspects that players should experience from the game. Firstly, players who feel joy are likely to get relaxed and entertained. The studio want to eliminate the intense and stressful aspect of the game by planting joy in it. In addition, anticipation is necessary since it creates the fun experiences of the players. The Studio want to avoid the game that is being too relaxing because it can easily lead to repetition and boredom. Lastly, agility is also an important factor to boost up the challenge of the game to attract the players more into the game. A little agility experience of the players can enhance their interest, and therefore, make the game more enjoyable. However, this will be done carefully so that the relaxation aspect of the game would still be on the top priority. In conclusion, the Studio will focus on the nature of joy, anticipation, and agility to develop the game.