Cycle 1 – Contribution Post

The final prototype of SHMUP game is developed not only by personal technical skills and hardwork, but also by external sources. In this post, all utilised external resources that improve the gameplay of the prototype from both mechanical and visual perspective will be outlined.

  1. Wispy Sky (Skybox)

Retrieved from: Unity Asset Store – Mundus Limited

Wispy Sky is a skybox design that shows a day-time cloudy sky and dark blue sea. This help bringing the visual sense of joy and relaxation to the player.

  1. Water, Land, and Trees (Standard Assets)

Retrieved from: Default Unity Standard Assets

The water, land, and trees help visualising the world of the prototype. These elements are utilised to create an isolated island in the middle of the sea as the main gameplay ground. The terrain are mainly designed to be greenly environment with beach and mountains to bring the feels of natural relaxation to players.

  1. Space Shooter (Model)

Retrieved from: Unity Asset Store – Duane’s Mind

The Space Shooter is a spaceship model for the player character. It is the one which best suit the main theme of the game to represent a UFO ship, yet it is also free. The model also shows simplicity from its design perspective which is good for players who look for relaxing games.

  1. LowPolySoldiers (Model)

Retrieved from: Unity Asset Store – Polygon Blacksmith

The LowPolySoldiers is the model that represent the enemy characters. It is the one which best suited the main theme of the game to represent the military soldiers and it comes with animation pack, yet it is free.

  1. HeightTower (Model)

Retrieved from: Unity Asset Store – Chia-Hsien, Chu

HeightTower is a model that represent the enemy’s core buildings. It is the one which best suited to be used for the three core objective buildings as the model is designed to be easy to locate from the background terrain and the model is free.

  1. Detonator Explotion Framework (Effect)

Retrieved from: IGB100 Resources Pack

Detonator Explosion Framework is used for showing destructive effect and play the sound effect when the player bullet hit the terrain, kill the soldiers, or destroy the core buildings, as well as when the player get hit. The cool effect it shows will help player’s engagement to the game.

  1. Mystical Ocean Puzzle Game (Music)

Retrieved from:

Mystical Ocean Puzzle game is a music pack utilised for a relaxing background music of the prototype.


Cycle 1 – Game Prototype Submission

This is the submission post for the prototype of SHMUP game, which contains the prototype executable file, assets, scripts, and the full scenes.

The link to the documentation is as follows: