Cycle 1 – Reflection

IGB100 Reflection  Discussion topics:

1. Professional Development and Practice Guiding points:

The development of first game in this unit is quite challenging for me because I was stuck with an illness and the fact that I’m also not familiar with the software unity. I was lacking in any real experience in programming and building a game. This made the whole process changing for me. However, I hope to try hard and learn how to improve my skill in programing and the other area that I’m lacking. Overall, I learned that having a plan and asking for help when you need help is the best way to improve and the process a shown that my skill maybe better suited for managerial role.

2. Working in a team Guiding points:

For this Project, I found that working in these types of groups confusing this is because I didn’t feel like we really worked as a group. It felt more like we were just simply two people working on two different project that had the same overall goal. Aside from that I found that we probably need to work on the activity together and we need to improve our communication. However, most of the blame was my fault for the lack of communication as I was effect by an illness during this period. Although when the studio need my help I would always respond as fast as I can. Using the Facebook message system, we were able organise a meeting and talked to each other outside class. I felt that when we did communicate we were listen to each other idea, worked well together and respond positively to the feedback we gave each other.

3. Working independently Guiding points:

I really struggled with balancing individual work in a team-oriented environment because I respond better in a team environment. This is because when working in groups I find it easy to stay motivated as I don’t want to let my team member down. It also makes it easier to respond to challenges because I can rely on the other when it comes to the parts that I lack. However, I have found through this project that I need to improve my own individual work ethic by working with other to help keep me motivated.

4. Ethical considerations Guiding points:

The game aimed to create a calm and relaxing experience for the player which differs from the more common SHMUP games. All the elements of the game that are designed to relax while keeping the game entertaining. I believe that the game could impact the world stress level. However, only by a little bit and nothing that would enhanced the quality of life in the whole world.



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