Cycle 1 – Reflection

How well my skills match the task required

The development of first prototype in this unit was quite challenging because I have no personal experiences with Unity nor 3D modelling nor animations. However, I believe I possess a strong background in programming as I am a computer science student. Therefore, to create a great player experience, and to cover my lacks of knowledge in the design perspectives, I placed much effort in the scripts by giving players more controls and mechanics. Overall, I learned from the development process that designing a game which meets player experience goal will produce much more powerful games than solely creating a game with complex rules.

How I approached learning new things and finding new information

I spent most of the development time for understanding and adjusting with Unity. As computer science student, I commonly learn and practice new concepts online. So, this does not appear to be my first time totally learning new concept within a short time expectation. To better understand the basic settings, creating objects, linking object relation, building world, and modifying object’s properties, I tried to complete the video tutorials on Blackboard before started working on the prototype. Now, I become more prepared to develop more complex game with Unity.

Effective strategies for managing team activities

The main concept of the game development is designed together in a studio team meeting which normally happens after workshop class. I have a principle to always make a checklist to point out what the expected outcomes will be from team meeting to keep it effective. That checklist would help the discussion to keep on-topic. Also, Facebook Messenger as team communication channel for further mobile discussion is settled. From this, I learned that delivering the team meeting outcomes into organised notes or sketches will significantly help the next team meeting.

The effectiveness of work habits

I have registered Monday and Tuesday to my calendar for this unit. Personally, I prefer to spend a complete single day working on a big part of a project instead of making a constant not-significant progress everyday. According to my previous semester experiences, switching focus to another project requires more time for re-adjustment and reviewing last work progress. Therefore, by keeping the switching focus at minimum, the work will be more effective. This working habits shaped me to be more discipline with my project-time allocation.

How the product I’ve created might enhance the quality of life

My designed game aims to create a different experiences from the common SHMUP games, which are creating relaxing and entertaining feels for players. The world, music, elements, and gameplay mechanics are designed to give players a sense of entertainment with no competitive or intense aspects as well as relaxation feel. I believe the final game would help people from frustation. However, I learned from INB280 that those designs might not meet the expected player experiences, and thus need to conduct a playtest to justify it.


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